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When You Need Grease Trap Pumping in Arizona...

Grease traps prevent fats, oils, and grease (commonly abbreviated as FOG) from spiraling down the drain, clogging your pipes, and entering your wastewater disposal system. Whether you have one in your home or in a commercial kitchen, we’ve got the equipment needed to service your grease trap to get rid of that FOG.

We suggest getting your grease trap pumped every 1-3 months, or whenever it gets about 25% full. You can schedule regular grease trap pumping with Sierra Sanitation Services, so it never has to get to that point!

You May Need To Get Your Grease Trap Pumped If:

  • There are unusual smells in the kitchen
  • Drainage seems slower than usual
  • Grease stains appear elsewhere in your restaurant

Keep an eye out for these signs, which may indicate your grease trap is over one-quarter full and will require pumping!

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3. Removal

Of course, we'll take away the waste when we're done.

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