Sierra Sanitation Services doesn’t just provide porta potty rentals through four Arizona counties (Maricopa, Pinal, Yuma, and Imperial) – we also provide services that assist commercial businesses (and residential customers) with grease pumping, RV tank pumping, and sand trap pumping.

We understand that there are laws and regulations associated with trash and waste disposal, so we make it our mission to handle everything – so you can rest easy about compliance.

How often should I schedule these extra services?

Grease traps should be pumped every 1-3 months, or before they reach capacity.  RV tanks are a little easier to figure out.  Sand traps start to lose their effectiveness after they reach 25% capacity, so you can often judge based on that.

You can also schedule our services regularly if you need them on an ongoing basis.

Take a look below for more information.

Schedule regular grease trap pumping with Sierra Sanitation Services, or give us a call when you notice it getting to about 25% of capacity.  We’ll dispose of everything according to code, too.

With help from our reliable and efficient crew, your RV tank will be ready to use again in no time.

Prevent clogs, leaks, and costly repairs by getting your sand trap pumping done on a regular basis by Sierra Sanitation Services.

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