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Our Portable Restrooms Are Great For:

When you’re hosting a big outdoor project, restroom concerns are the last thing you want to worry about. Why add another logistic headache to your list? Sierra Sanitation Services has you covered.

We’re a trusted porta potty rental in Casa Grande, AZ, and have served the community for years. Let us handle the dirty work, so you can focus on other important matters. 

Good Reasons to Rent Porta Potties

Many people downplay the importance of restroom rentals and end up in a messy situation. Consider booking several units for:

  • Convenience: We take care of everything from delivery and pickup to scheduled maintenance, so your guests and staff have clean and functional restrooms throughout the project.
  • Compliance: Did you know that OSHA requires restroom facilities when you have two or more employees on-site? Avoid potential fines and boost your Casa Grande workforce’s morale with a premium potty rental.
  • A stellar event: Even with immaculate decorations and fun amenities, the absence of clean restrooms can make or break the experience for your guests. Why risk a negative impression on something you can easily address?

Customizing Our Offerings in Casa Grande

Unlike your typical porta potty rental in Casa Grande, AZ, we bring more than just standard units. Depending on your specific needs, we also deliver:

  • Potty trailer rentals: Do you have to move frequently between sites or need a solution for a larger crowd? We have units that you can hook up to your vehicle for seamless transitions.
  • Hand washing stations: Boost sanitation and hygiene with convenient hand washing stations. If the Casa Grande event includes food or lasts several hours, these become a necessity.
  • Comfort-enhanced units: Elevate the experience with units featuring flushing toilets, soap and towel dispensers, and even air conditioning!

How Many Stations Should You Get?

We generally recommend one unit per 10 to 25 guests of either sex. Don’t treat this as a strict rule, though. 

Some cases, like large construction sites or multi-day events, may require additional units. The last thing you want is long lines or unsanitary conditions disrupting your work or festivities. 

Elevate Your Casa Grande Event With Top-Notch Facilities

Sierra Sanitation Services stands out for its reliability. Our commitment to timely delivery, regular maintenance, and reliable customer service guarantees convenience from start to finish.

Don’t let restroom logistics stress you out. Dial 602-708-6072 today and schedule a rental from us.

How Does It Work?

1. Get in Touch

Give us a call to discuss your portable restroom quote and specifications.

2. Schedule Service

We'll arrive at your site on time to deliver your porta potties quickly and efficiently.

3. Removal

Of course, we'll take away the waste when we're done.

Frequently Asked Questions For

We usually deliver within 1-2 days of a request.

We offer 1x and 2x weekly service most frequently but can do more if needed.

 No minimums! Days to years are both fine with us.

Absolutely. Call if you need multiple units or have multiple locations

 Yes, all units have clasps for pad locks on the outside and can be locked from the inside when in use.

Yes, during our service calls we can do that too.

Payments are usually with a credit card on file, but invoicing can be arranged also.

Holding tanks collect and store porta potty waste before professionals pump and transport it to a treatment facility. The plant will process the material according to environmental regulations before safely disposing or repurposing it.

Porta potties are sanitary when properly used and maintained. Many units come with hand sanitizer dispensers and paper towels for added hygiene. 

A porta potty rental in Casa Grande, AZ, uses blue dye to hide the appearance of waste, fragrance for masking the odor, and biocides that kill bacteria and germs.  

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